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Treasuring Family, Freedom & Fun Climb Aboard A Pirate's Life for Me
what is piratude

What is Piratude?

To put it simply, Piratude is a combination of two words (Pirate + Attitude). On the surface that seems pretty self-explanatory so why am I here trying to define it further? Furthermore, how is having a pirate attitude useful for working parents?

Does this have anything to do with Jimmy Buffett? (Hint – yes!).

Most importantly, why is it the fundamental basis by which this entire blog is based? Let me walk you through the two over-arching components to Piratude.

Piratude is comprised of two different people with similar ideologies – Pirates and Parrot Heads. Both love the ocean and having fun. In the next section, I talk about pirate attitudes and how that leads to living with Piratude for both of these groups.

Pirates Have Piratude

pirate childIf you happen to be my daughter, you think Piratude looks like this picture of a pirate.

But other than the fun of dressing up as a pirate for Halloween, how does the idea of piracy fit into every day life. [By the way, we are not talking about the kind of piracy that will get you in hot water with the FBI Anti-Piracy Warnings you see before a movie].

No, the fact remains that the more I go through the hustle and bustle of everyday life with kids, a husband, and a full-time job the more I have noticed some stark similarities between motherhood and being a pirate.

Pirates get a bad rap – always pillaging, stealing, and doing all sorts of immoral things in the pursuit of treasure.

Let’s look at this a bit further from the viewpoint of a pirate value system. Pirates value treasure, the wonderful pleasures of life (e.g. drinking, eating, playing, loving) and having free reign to do as they please.

Who does this remind you of? Toddlers!  

As any mother or father with a few months under his or her belt will tell you, children are hedonistic. They are always in the pursuit of pleasure and self-indulgent to a fault (they off-set this by being adorable and sweet a few times a day). It helps moms and dads from not making their children walk the plank.

We have established that children can have a pirate attitude (AKA Piratude), but what about mom and dad? As adults, we yearn for the freedoms we once had as children. We have jobs, bills, budgets, field-trip forms that need to be signed, plants that must be watered, and on and on and on. Sometimes it’s hard to see the ocean for the droplets of water in front of us.

Let’s look at the values of pirates we outlined earlier:


Pirates have treasure and so do adults. What we define as treasure will be different for everyone.  My treasures include my three beautiful children, my close friends, my handsome hubby, our family vacation albums, my silly standard poodle, and more.

Take a moment to think about (or maybe jot down) your most valued treasures. It’s pretty easy isn’t it?

I would do anything to protect my treasures and I know you feel the same about your bounty.

Life’s Pleasures

Children don’t have the market cornered on gravitating toward the pleasures in life. Adults find themselves drawn to many things; however, they are now seen as vices. To love something too much, is to have a problem with it. That’s the adult way of thinking. It is absolutely true that too much of a good thing can be trouble and become addictive – gambling, alcohol, drugs, even sex. However, that’s not what reveling in life’s pleasures is really about.

To take advantage of the good things in life, we have to be in control. Hanging out in Las Vegas is perfectly fine as long as we do not gamble away our mortgage payment.

Enjoying a margarita accentuates the wonderful day we are having at the beach. Drink too many and we can’t even remember the beach.

Piratude is about sampling life’s pleasures in moderation.

It’s about taking a few moments to really appreciate that warm hug from your 2nd grader at pickup, your dog’s almost uncontrollable joy at seeing you take out the leash, talking to your mother about her memories of her mother, and the smell of warm cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven (yes, even the kind that come in tubes from the grocery store).

Free Reign

I would love to tell you that having Piratude means that you can quit your job, charter a yacht, and purchase an island off the Keys. Unfortunately, as adults we realize there are limits to our dreams (or at the very least, our pocketbooks). Though we might not ever own a catamaran, we can still be free.

FREE of other’s expectations

FREE to say what we mean

FREE to follow our own “selfish” pursuits

FREE to raise our children as we deem fit

FREE to fail

FREE to work in a manner that makes us happy

FREE to live a life we want


Parrotheads Have Piratude

Jimmy Buffett Concert pictureJimmy Buffett has created an amazing brand around the lifestyle of beach bumming and living in Margaritaville. Those fans that follow this philosophy are affectionately named Parrot Heads. Groups of like-minded individuals have even gone so far as to create established clubs. There is probably a Parrot Head Club in your town.

Parrot Heads are always looking for their lost shaker of salt. Their natural habitat is tailgating at a Jimmy Buffett concert. They love Hawaiian shirts, margaritas (or any blended boat drink), a good cheeseburger on a hot grill, friends, the ocean, and partying for a cause.

Parrot Head clubs around the world have raised millions of dollars for charities in their local communities. What’s not to love about this group?

Living a life with Piratude means that we can make Margaritaville appear inside our own homes. Having a cheeseburger in paradise is that much more special when your home is the destination and your grill is the island bar.

Parents On the Clock

As parents, we are always running against the clock. Does any of this sound familiar?

My son needs to get to baseball practice by 4:30pm.


Let’s hurry home before noon so the toddler can get a nap.


I need to run by the grocery store on my way home before I can make dinner.


If you don’t hurry up and put on your shoes you are going to miss the bus!


Argh!! I can’t believe I’m going to be late for work again! [Name], you need to get up and get dressed when I tell you!

Thanks to Jimmy Buffett and Alan Jackson, the Parrothead philosophy is that it is “Always 5 O’Clock Somewhere.”  If, for some reason, you are unfamiliar with this song, please press play.

Parrot Head Values

The takeaway from this is not only that drinking is good almost anytime (it definitely is), but that a clock is only a state of being. Parrot Heads teach us to take a step back and really think about why we are in such a rush. Unless you are running an official race, there is no prize for doing X number of things each day.

Parrot Heads have much in common with pirates in the values department. Both relish in the pleasures of life and seek to find happiness and revelry wherever they can find it. They both have an affinity for singing (even though one is only a sea shanty).

However, Parrot Heads have a few more values over just a pirate attitude. Jimmy Buffett fans value caring for others, coming together as a community, and creating joy wherever they go.

This can translate into creating joy for our children, our spouses, and the people with whom we work. Having Piratude means giving back to those around us, communicating with people respectfully, and cherishing family and friends for who they are and not what they can do for us.

In Summary

Finally, can you be a pirate and a Parrot Head? Absolutely! That’s the best of both worlds! 

This blog will focus on the value of Piratude (the Pirate Attitude) for working moms and dads and how to apply it to parenting, working, shopping, and even renovating your home. I hope you will follow me on this journey.


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